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At 46 years old in the mire of typical mid-life bog, questioning paths I've chosen in career and family and passions ignored so that a "living" could be made, I feel the time has come to answer the Call To Adventure and change paths on this journey. The path towards which I've always been drawn now calls so loudly and persistently it can no longer be ignored or brushed aside. Through synchronicities and dreams I am constantly reminded of what I NEED to do, what I MUST pursue. The exploration of the Self, both through my perspectives and those of others, and of the true workings of humanity at its core began before memory permits recollection and have been a prime driver for me at every juncture in life. Having reached that well known and well studied point in the experience of agreed upon reality - the "What now?" stage of life I feel it necessary to seek outlets of application for all of the knowledge I've soaked in through reading and research. Time to stop discovering for discovery's sake and compare mine with the discoveries and observations of others of like mind and interest. An adept lay-student of C.G. Jung and his views and Re-discoveries I've always had a Jungian mind even before I knew such a person or his psychology existed. Where others chose audio visual stimulation in life as their escape, I chose the teachings of Jung and the likes of James Hollis, Joseph Campbell, Albert Camus, Alan Watts, Lao Tsu, Terrence McKenna and many others along the same paradigm of navigation. It seems only logical that a community dedicated to Depth Psychology would be a fitting tribe for someone possessed by the need for exploration of the inner depths of our collective soul. Symbol and myth and all of the archetypal strings by which we are all bound have always spoken more clearly and with greater volume and meaning to me than simple symbols we call alphabet, or written word.

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None of official association.

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  • Welcome home to this portal to depth and Jungian psycholgy Nathen!

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