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MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. Bath Spa University (course now in Lampeter 'Sophia'). Distinction for dissertation titled, Is there anything in Astrology independent of culture, in which I proved there was nothing in culture independent of Astrology.

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Before Covid I held Astrology meetings for Bath Astrology in my property. Now that I am getting very old (80 next year) one of my past students has taken over running it for me. We now meet on line. Many years ago I published a cartoon book One Way of Looking at Man which is concerned with psychology (presently being translated into Spanish and Romanian). I have also discovered a model of the human brain based on the Anima Mundi in Jung's book Aion, page 240. If you are interested it is published on www.slideshare.net under my name.

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Scientific and Medical Network and Ions.

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Chrissy Philp on Facebook. Chrissy Philp www.slideshare.net