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Antioch CA and Thailand

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M.A., Other type of Psychology

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Institute of Imaginal Studies

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Depth Psychology, as I understand it at the moment, is inclusive of iterests and practices I have cultivated over the not so recent and immediated past. which are three fold: firstly Indic and related cultures, my personal history as related to Western civilization and Pychology as a reference point and intergrative modality. Now, I am working on some poems I have been writing over the past few year. One of my needs is to communicate and make friends with folks of similiar interests.

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Not really, but relate to the Psychological community in various ways.

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I just signed up with twitter and like I mentioned about would like to make friends and cultuvate my interests further. I want to construct a website but need to find the time and space.

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  • Hi Tayria . Welcome to the Alliance. We've only been around about a year, but the phenomenal growth seems to indicate a real thirst for a community such as this.  I think you'll find many like-minded individuals in the community who are just like you--wanting to stay connected to the field and to meet new people who all have a common interest. 

    I encourage you to jump in and engage right away by asking a question, joining a discussion, commenting on others' posts, posting an article that's meaningful to you, or posting some of your own work. I'll send you some tips on navigating the site in a separate email. Enjoy the site! Bonnie Bright, Founder

  • Welcome William,

    Glad you found the Alliance and already see a number of your interest areas. There are many blogs, forums, and groups within the Alliance so I feel sure you will "meet" others with like intereests. I look forward to your posts.


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