Barry Spector posted a status
Jul 22, 2021
July 22 -- Hello, and thanks for the quick response. Am I speaking with James Newell? I'm not even sure if this message is getting to you.

I understand that you may have technical problems. However, I'm sure that you will appreciate feedback to improve the website:

My personal page looks exactly like it did last week. There is a comment wall and an "activity feed" but no place to click (as before) to see the list of my blogs. Nor is there any place to post a new blog except in the activity feed.

If I click "Discover" > "Blogs", it shows some (but not all) recent blogs, with no way to look for the posts of any specific blogger. This is exactly how it looked last week, so there has been no change. Also, the website's Welcome Center, Live Chat and Depth Discussions pages are all blank.

As I mentioned earlier, at least one other member is having the same difficulties, so I would imagine that everyone is.


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