Helmut Heiligenmann posted a status
Sep 29, 2022
CG Jung Sept 18 1909 from Albany NY to his wife : "Men are as well off here as culture permits, women badly off." He forgot to mention the children. I was talking about this to my wife yesterday and we have many times noted that each and every older and more rooted culture has or at least had a cultural aspect of women, where women group together either in their daily tasks or in groups of ritual or worship, all that is completely gone now, especially in the USA. Women spending time with other women is essential to many of them. Modern woman has been culturally raped by a type of feminism which integrated women into the workplace or secluded them from other women by encouraging single parent households etc. hence making them so busy and so desperate for a male companion that anxiety many times becomes their only partner. I see mothers who try to unite their family and live traditional lives but even they are severely lonely and overcome by a feeling of lack of accomplishment as they spend all day with their children. The village has become a government institution, a school or kindergarten etc. a place in which the parent has become a second grade influence on the child and is sternly watched over by the teachers, the professionals.

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