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This page is designated for members to post requests or search for connections among Alliance members. If you need to connect and don't know who can help, this is the place to post.

For example, if you:

need participants for a research project

are looking to partner with someone in your city to offer workshops

want to co-author an article with someone

create a panel for a conference

find a local speaker or panelist in your area for an upcoming conference or event

---then place your request here so others can see and respond. (If this is regarding a scheduled event, you may also want to list it under "Events". You may also want to post your request in the Forum where others will also see it there as well).

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  • Why don’t we all place our “Dots” on the Member Map (top right) so we all can see how DPA expands with members ?

  • Jennifer, what a beautiful way to honor this man; an image will not be forgotten (and, therefore, neither will he).

  • Thanks Donna! I think it is! We have so much empowerment happening-tonight I am speaking at our city council to petition the bike of a beloved man who had been homeless and took his own life be converted to a memorial and placed in the park, where persons who are homeless and land up dying pass away are not just another nameless face-the support within our community is tremendous to see this happen! Say hello to lovely California for me, and I wish you were closer, but if you ever get this way let me know! Most guests are one time volunteers.

  • Jennifer Collier: Sounds like an amazing center you have up in Olympia, WA!  I am located in Northern California; if I were a bit closer I would love come facilitate one of my Writing For Recovery circles!

  • Greetings Everyone!

    Would anyone out there enjoy guest facilitating a group at a dynamic consumer rights oriented mental health recovery center? Gifts and knowledge and skills to share with between 5-8 persons on a volunteer basis? One time only or ongoing? I work at a mental health recovery center in Olympia, WA called Capital Recovery Center. Part of this work is facilitating various groups; an expressive arts group twice weekly, a building relationships group, self advocacy and whole health. I have hosted guests offering skills ranging from  mindfulness and meditation to archetypes and relationship. Zine making to utilizing Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey narratives, and so forth and on and on. We strive toward a non hierarchical self empowered environment and within the groups many different modalities are applied and explored to bring rich understanding of self and others, as well as self empowerment and holistic health. We do not "help" others, ascribing to that notion that all too often creates divisions between "helper" and "person being helped." We explore recovery and mental health, the psyche and ourselves, community and healing through our shared groups experiences. It is good to have a two week lead in to guests at groups. This could be a great way to have an amazing memorable experience, share information in a healing setting, and gain experience. If students are interested there may be potential to complete certain requirements as well.

  • Thanks for the directions Donna. I'm on it. The map. Symbolically.

  • Mark Sipowicz: Look up above at the various tabs...MEMBER MAP right after this Bulletin Board tap. Click on it and it will ask you to put in your location...hope this helps!

  • Donna and Ric,

    Where the heck is this map you speak of?It sounds, and feels very important for all of us to "put ourselves on it" the symbolic resonance is I'm sure lost on no one in this community. 

  • Hi Ric!


    Added myself to map; you are right, it would be very interesting if more of us put our location on the map. Depth Alliance is a worldwide organization!

  • To my surprise I discovered that only a handfull of DPA members have added themselves on the Member Map.

    I think it would be interesting to see the location of us members in a world wide map.

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