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This page is designated for members to post requests or search for connections among Alliance members. If you need to connect and don't know who can help, this is the place to post.

For example, if you:

need participants for a research project

are looking to partner with someone in your city to offer workshops

want to co-author an article with someone

create a panel for a conference

find a local speaker or panelist in your area for an upcoming conference or event

---then place your request here so others can see and respond. (If this is regarding a scheduled event, you may also want to list it under "Events". You may also want to post your request in the Forum where others will also see it there as well).

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  • Hi everyone!  I am looking for research participants for the first clinical trial for Depth Hypnosis, a meditation-based modality developed by Dr. Isa Gucciardi.  The study is examining the effectiveness of Depth Hypnosis working with symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD.  If anyone is interested in learning more, please email me at KatieRudmanDHP@gmail.com.  Depth Hypnosis  Thank you so much for your help!  

  • ... Seeking to join, participate, and/or meet with others who want to explore sharing personal, collective

    experiences with shamanic training ... with an emphasis on cross-cultural, native, ethnic, celtic shamanist

    rituals and practices.  Preferred location/s Sonoma, Marin, Alameda county areas.  Weekday evenings and

    Saturdays are available for me.

    My own initial experiences were in the Arctic Circle with a native, Eskimo/Inuit shaman.  I am most interested and intrigued to listen/hear of other persons initial experiences and how they first became drawn into and/or discovered their shamanic paths.

  • Hello - I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but here goes.  I am writing my thesis and someone told me that Jung had written about individuation and depression. What I am looking for is where (I was told) he makes a comment about how it takes at least 3 significant depressions in the process of individuation. This information is sketchy, but it's all I have. I do have access to the digital CW, but I have not been able to find anything. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Do you know what book it may be in?  Thank-you for your help. Mariah

  • Good news - I may have found someone and have an initial consult this month.                                               Thanks for the support.  Regards Linda

  • This is my 50th Anniversary working in the helping professions and the majority of my work remains in the field of trauma.   I travelled an at-a-distance path as a mid-life professional [BGS - PhD: 1987 - 1997], however, many Canadian professionals are uncomfortable with the at-a-distance work model and my 3rd supervisor since my Masters, no longer wants to hear these stories.  I was an RN in private practice [NCS 1990-2012], retired from nursing and opened my new e-commerce business: MOT in 2013.  I am reaching out to my last remaining professional association [CCPA-Ottawa] to see if they have any supervisory resources interest in my field and the type of service I provide [lots of good Samaritan work for folks who have fallen through the cracks health care system], however, I have been a trailblazer who has now tapped out my local resources.   

    I am searching for a registered psychologist [a CCPA + International contract requirement] willing to support and help me with debriefing, so I can carry on serving in my small, healing trauma, exit and grief counselling practice, in a healthy and ethical safe manner.  My work is structured on an e-commerce business model, therefore, most of my work [with self-directed clients on healing journeys] is done by phone or on my secure, on-line therapy site.   

    Historically and for the past 20 years, supervision settled at and occurred at regularly scheduled intervals: an hour every 2 months, exception - rare moments when a critical occasion manifests and I may require an additional 15-30 minute consult.

    Thanks for your considerations of my request.  Peace + Love Linda


  • I am new to this group and went to the members page to see only the generic photo looking back at me. IF you haven't uploaded a photo to your profile, please do it today. When new members come along and look at the members page it is disheartening to see very few photos of individuals there. I interact with others much more when I have an idea of their energy and that can be seen in a photo. Don't hide behind the generic, show your gorgeous energy to make connection easier! 

    Want to connect? Feel free to add me as a friend and share your energy. 

  • Organization

    Announcing new research initiative: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/10/prweb12224645.htm

    “We want to encourage communication among practitioners, analysts, training candidates, and academics, but also engage a wider audience, really anyone who might harness the exploratory energy of depth psychology to reframe a problem or situate a project.” The Zurich Lab[oratory]

    The Zurich Lab’s New Research Initiative Explores Depth Psychology to Engage Contemporary Culture
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • I'm trying to change some of the answers on my page and it will not save. It keeps telling me to choose an option for where I heard about the Alliance. I have even tried checking every box and it still will not save. Where can I get help with this?

  • Organization

    Am looking to network with any who might have a passion for deciphering and analyzing the Greek Myths. My area of interest includes Dionysos, Perseus, Bellerophon and Pelops. The first chapter of my book is my calling card. It is free for your perusal on kobo books. 


  • I am looking for someone who is successful in the Depth Psychology community and thus able to say "I will work with you and then we will get that document of yours published". I will "pay" him or her a couple of hundred dollars for that help. I would like my work to form a chapter contribution in a Depth Psych book. Hence I am just looking for that person that gets my foot in the door.

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