Jung and Alchemy

Learn how C.G. Jung revolutionized our modern understanding
of the ancient art and practice of alchemy.

An 8-week college level course, plus one free Intro class!

This course includes one free class plus eight full modules with resources and further learning opportunities available through our online learning platform. Successfully complete all of the assignments in the online learning platform and earn a certificate of completion!

Or, attendees may also simply audit the course, without completing assignments for credit.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung explored the unconscious in ways that had never been attempted prior to his ground breaking efforts. One area of study which he felt put his work on a solid historical footing was his exhaustive study of the ancient practice of alchemy. In its original manifestations, alchemy involved the human fascination with matter, and the idea that matter could be transformed in a variety of ways, however, alchemists were primarily interested in the production of gold.

Alchemists practiced their art for centuries, even though there was not a single case of any alchemist creating anything like gold. Why would they continue this practice in the face of the complete failure of all of their efforts? Jung felt that they continued to practice their art because they experienced an inner transformation while exploring the mysterious chemical substances that they studied.

Just as modern scientists consider alchemy to be the precursor of modern chemistry, Jung understood the work of the alchemists to be a precursor of his technique of active imagination. Jung’s understanding of the unconscious as expressed through the imagery and texts of the alchemists has far reaching implications for modern people, from personal inner work, to environmentalism, to modern pharmacology, to feminism, and more. For Jung, ancient alchemical texts provide us with a wealth of symbolic insight into the human mind and human behaviors that continue to be vitally relevant today.

This 8-week course begins with one free introductory class, followed by eight modules that introduce you to the essentials of Jung's understanding of the importance of alchemical symbolism. Each weekly meeting will include a presentation and explanation of some aspect of Jung’s understanding of alchemy, a discussion and question/answer session, as well as a wealth of resources for further study available through our online learning platform.

Those participants who successfully complete the assignments in the online learning platform will receive a certificate of completion which may be used as credit toward a future certification program. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a solid understanding of Jung’s work with alchemy, and the importance of alchemical symbolism for modern people!

Participants will take part in 9 weekly classes

Start time for each event is 1pm U.S. PT (4pm ET) 90 min.

1. Free! Introduction: Projection, Individuation, and the Psychological Significance of Alchemical Symbolism, Oct 14. Access the REPLAY
2. Module 1:
History of Alchemy from the Perspective of the History of Science – Saturday, Oct 21
3. Module 2: History of Alchemy from the Perspective of the History of Religions – Saturday, Oct 28
4. Module 3:
History of Jung’s work with Alchemy – Saturday, Nov 4
5. Module 4: The Historical Alchemical Paradigm: Psyche, Matter, and the Rejection of the Feminine – Saturday, Nov 11
6. Module 5: The Basics of Alchemical Symbolism – Saturday, Nov 18

Thanksgiving Week, No Class!

7. Module 6: Alchemical Symbolism and Dream Interpretation – Saturday, Dec 2
8. Module 7: Alchemical Symbolism and Individuation: Transformation, and the Union of Opposites – Saturday, Dec 9
9. Module 8:
The Modern Cultural Significance of Alchemical Symbolism: Feminism and the Collapse of the Patriarchy – Saturday, Dec 16

Participants will:

  • Learn the historical context of the practice of alchemy, from ancient Egypt to the Enlightenment era, from the perspective of both the history of science and the history of religions.
  • Learn how and why Jung became interested in alchemy, and many of the details of his publications on the subject.
  • Learn how to understand and recognize alchemical symbolism in dreams and active imagination work.
  • Learn how alchemical symbolism can help us to understand the individuation process in ourselves and others.
  • Discover a wealth of resources for deepening their understanding of alchemy from a Jungian perspective.
  • Have an opportunity to complete online assignments toward earning a certificate of completion (certificate of completion may be used as credit towards future certification in depth psychology through the Depth Psychology Alliance).


Can't attend live? Each class will be recorded and made available for all registrants.

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James R. Newell, PhD
Vanderbilt University

James Newell is a board member of the Depth Psychology Alliance Board. James is an educator, counselor, personal coach, and professional musician. James teaches online courses on world religions for Central Michigan University, Thomas Edison State University, and other schools. James earned his master’s in Pastoral Counseling and Theology from Vanderbilt Divinity School, with a focus on Jungian psychology. He earned his doctorate in History of Religions from Vanderbilt University Graduate School of Religion.


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