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  • “The Little Crab”

    This is a true story from the collection, some of the best work, hypnotic fables of Lee Wallis [1985] found in Stories for the Third Ear.” Norton: 1985ISBN 0-393-70019-4

    In keeping with the tradition of Milton Erikson, sharing stories, singing songs and speaking the language of dream and metaphor in a pleasing manner innocence can hear has the universal effect, magical and can transport us back into the world of lost children is rich for their reality exists in "naive innocence" the secondary framework [fantasy] where green dragons, princesses, gardeners and secret rooms where there is no crying.

    That state-dependent place where our own personal reality: memories, learning and behaviours reside to a moment of “naïve innocence” and the essence of the magical child within…

    Nikki Beat wrote a Youtube review of this classic 1963 Brenda Lee song, “All Alone Am I” and she says it all,“When Edith Piaf heard Brenda Lee sing this song, she must have smiled and exclaimed: "BRAVO!"  GOD BLESS the Little Sparrow, and Little Miss Dynamite for Singing from their Hearts and Souls for us.” 

    From one Albertan to another, thanks for joining me here with the little crab who at that moment does sing on the beach, “all alone am I” and poetically, ever so gently, transcends us to common ground and trust that being in touch with our own reality [primary frame], creativity [fantasy frame] and intuition [supernatural frame] to reconnect, tell our own stories, in our own way to the ever present and listening third ear [Salamander/God/gods] that can hear – is a good place to stop…check it out and see what the weather is like…


    Thanks for reconnecting me with good words and song to hum along to today.  Have a good one with much healing of soul.  Peace + Love Linda

  • This brings to mind the story of the little crab.
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