Now that I have arrived at a place, station [retired from helping professions], gone through anniversary of my last severe, acute illness last May; I look at this image and connect with all the depth, all the years of post-trauma treatment, rehab [so many interventions [array of mind-body/neurological modalities].It is a good thing my innate core has lots of faith, love, hope - charitable, good attitude and patience on board to see me through all the pain and suffering. I am so fortunate, humbled and there all no words for the gratitude I have for so many who helped me along my complex healing journey.Now that my core healing is completed and I envision my silver lining, I truly can pass and pay it forward. If little old me can do it, others can too. It is important, for all who help survivors with trauma vortex containers, to deliver the message: keep trying, deep core healing is a possibility.If little old me can do it, so can others! The proof is in the pudding!
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  • the little arms reaching outward...the green moss hair/bonnet...trying to get....

  • When I found this photo [found me] on February 13, 2015, I was immediately attracted to it, the velvetine fern/fauna, the pastel hue colors and especially, the white nose of the old crone... 

  • May 27, 2015 - On Friday, Feb 13, 2015 I sought out 50 photographers to submit posters or photos to help me share my sojourns working with/through Susan Carter's research - The 9 Themes of Grief.  I collected 150 images! Today, the deep message of why this particular image connected so deeply with me back in February was a matter of fact the searching, gathering up my pieces of works, shuffling and placing them according to the flow of my healing work....very helpful, especially concerning the numinous stuff...                 Peace + Love Linda

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