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  • This kind of work is fascinating~  the imagery is so complex and soothing.  I have no clue what digital artwork requires, I have had no experiences.  I only paint with a brush!  Thank-you very much for explaining the process.  They are beautiful; do you exhibit?

  • Susy Sanders, thank you for your interest and questions.

    This is a pure digital piece that reflects, by design, taking underlying source material that I create or photograph, and then manipulating each, using scripts (written by others,) at a pixel level to procedurally generate a series of frames derived from the interplay of those sources and script.  

    Then I extract interesting frames and manipulate them further prior to subjecting the working frames to a symmetry or afine formula. Over the years I have developed a lot of control within a technical medium that introduces, also, a wondrous element of surprise.

    I have a practiced idea about what makes for a compelling frame, but my own first encounter is always inflected with the element of lucky fortuity.

    The keynotes for my symmetry work using this technique, or using my photographs, are: generativity, serendipitous images, and, above all, the open experience of the viewer as against the unique archetypal content that is evoked in his or her attentive experiential moment.

    (The physical pieces are usually large: 32+ inches on their short side. I recently produced two closed editions for auction, in which the pieces were printed directly to aluminum using a UV curable flat bed printer.)

    Artist's statement

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  • Stephen, tell me about this work; what is the medium?  What is your technique?  It is quite striking and pleasing as well as intricately interesting.  Please explain more!  Thanks~  susy sanders

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