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  • I listened this morning to a pastor share how the community has come together in love to support and comfort the whole community.  He announced further plans for a huge gathering on a bridge...[crossing over], helping each other to bathe the deep sorrow... with the only medicine that will permeate the depth of their wounds - a community "love fest."  I send my loving thoughts and prayers out there to them too.  SELAH.


  • Thanks to Alliance member Gina Belton for introducing the depth psychological perspective on this traumatic and important issue, the church shootings in Charleston, SC:

    "When individuals are born into communities that have suffered a traumatic past, that past continues to haunt the present, demanding expression and return. There is no possibility of closure, and the linear narratives of a complete and official national history need to be broken open again and again for unsettled retellings and memorializing of unfinished historical positions have placed them on the side of forgetting" --Dr.'s Mary Watkins & Helene Shulman

    Gina also writes:
    "Incredible testimonies of a community's sorrow are being voiced on CNN right now. An unusual turn from the all too familiar voyeuristic lens glaring into the suffering of others...
    These collective mourning rituals are necessary steps to tending such a deep and ragged wound."
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