"The world of dream is the world of soul. The more you work with the dream the more you are stunned by the memory, knowledge of the future, subtlety of emotion, and hidden knowledge that is in the image. The power of it is that it brings you together; it rings a bell right through your psyche and your body..."~Marion Woodman, Jungian analystFind a Jungian or depth-oriented therapist or dream worker on our sister site at www.DepthPsychologyList.com
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  • Good morning Eva - your words "living soul through body awareness" and Marion's "hidden knowledge that is in the image"..".brings you together; it rings a bell right through your psyche and your body."  Thank you Bonnie + Eva for helping me with word dots - for the spaces in-between my dashes...some of my own words are forming concerning "in-between...hmm."  Have a wonderful celebration day today...praying all stay safe.  Peace + Love Linda

  • I too just stumbled on this quote by Marion Woodman. Marion was my beloved teacher and mentor for many years and it was always delightful to see her wisdom quoted.

    Linda..I am thinking that Marion's work was so much about linking the psyche/soma (body). She saw the dream world as arising as much out of the body and instincts as out of the archetypal world and all our work was a process of living the soul through the body's awareness. Dreams manifest in the body and of course, in matter in general...just some thoughts here.

  • Hi Bonnie - thank you so much for this precious poster and is words of Marian Woodward.  I would like to insert it into a theme and I am wondering which one does it slip nicely into?  Let me know Linda

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