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This is a painting that I am working on; it is tentatively called "Alchemy: Embracing My Dragons" . . . there is quite a bit more to go, but I will post the progress as it evolves . . .
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  • Aleksandar, I am so lucky to not have been in many or actually perhaps no conversations where people say those things.  And I have just joined this group, so I am new.  For me, I am having a personal experience that is excruciating and invigorating all at the same time.  As a psychololgist, I am crap at anaylzing myself, but I can paint my experience.

  • Susy, this is stunning. Thank you for sharing!

  • Aleksandar Malecic, tell me more about the ridiculous wisdom of dragons . . . I set out to paint my anxiety so that I could hold it in a sacred place, as Monika Wikman so wonderfully relates . . . it came out dragons.  The way that I paint is to make a background like the clouds, stare at it and paint what I see.  Then I keep painting what I see as the painting continues to emerge.  No plan.  Sketched on the canvas with white paint.  It is my primary practice of active imagination.

  • Beautiful. I look forward to seeing the painting as the creative process continues.
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