This image helped me find words into form Feb 2015...hmm babies breath + the book: The Red Tent assisted deep diving...April 2015...Hermitage revision Sept 2015:
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    Oh red roses, how passionately arranged your bouquet of love stands   

    Filling space with your ominous presence and tantalizing scent. 

    The typist waits beside you for more soul whispers.

    Awe…babies breath interspersed and intermingled in a pure white vessel.

    In simple landscapes pure hearts of innocence sing.

    Returning to timeless suspension in the field of white roses.

    So deeply mysterious and comforting to her

    Rhythm set, keys tapping…worn, not old soul slowly releases.

    Nestled nurturance permeates this sacred place

    Where perennial dance scores for life are birthed

    Footling’s and Moms in red tents of old

    Suspended breathless in fields of white roses.

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