An image that is ever present in my life and mind. Either run by the train of terror or captured inside the train.. :(So, here is how it looks ...
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  • My I really like all 3 name possibilities and how wonderful you were given such a unique first name.  One nice thing about recurring themes is that eventually you will be able to connect the dots between your dashes to a place of hmm, aha and awe regarding understanding...curious where home is and if in fact, train travel was an option there. Killed by Nazis is very specific and is this part of your ancestors legacy?  

    Sorry to hear you had [have] test anxiety which I too can relate too [not a brain] and have to really work hard to get through courses, pass tests and my clinical skills, practical tasks are much easier for me than memory of text book learned knowledge.  Some of us are simply practical, hands on folks.  My husband is actually unable to do multiple choice tests on subjects he has practical, hands on expertise.  He would need a verbal format to share his applied knowledge base.  

    It sure is hot and 3 of our provinces are struggling with increased amounts of forest fires, so we are hoping for rain this weekend.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.  Peace + Love Linda 

  • Well, Linda, my name is Itailan and is a deminutive form of the noun Angel. As far as I know I have no italian blood. I just have a fancy name :)

    Althought if I were to chose my fav greek god it would be Mercury, Hermes, the flying messenger (angelos) of the gods. I'd say I deam of flying almost once a week.
    Most of my dreams are recurring themes. Travel home by train, killed by the Nazis, pursued by a deamon, courting women (who usually refuse me), failing tests and so on. Alomst text book dreams.. lol

    I wish you a peacefull weekend ahead, Linds.

    - Angelino

  • The honour is mutual for we are both in our depths simply being and supporting each other.  This my new found virtual friend, is so very special...Thank you too, Angelino...and if your name [sounds Italian] implies you have Italian ancestry, then we have more common ground [soil] for my maternal grandfather was Italian.  Have a nice day Angelino.

  • I am trully honored you're taking time to converse with me :)
    Thank you, Linda.

  • that is so good you used the word "slowly" and surely all will be revealed to you in the right time and right way for you and in this, your process of healing, I do trust for I trusted my own in the making peace with NDE's.  Love your artistic representations of deeply embedded, affective [heart + soul] feeling states.  Truly a blessing, gift.  Bravo Angelino!

  • Thank you Linda fro your comment. The potency of this image is my inner terror. Very slowly I am getting to know it and learn from it.

  • I saw moments of Nicolas Caine in Ghost Rider the other day and I listened to the words of "Ghost Riders in the Sky...more carefully.  This is such a potent, powerful image...thanks for sharing Angelino.  Peace + Love Linda

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