An orientation of attention

Water hydrating the tissues of our bodies is exquisitely sensitive and responsive to the orientation of our attention. Most adults habitually function in an incisive mode that overrides perception of sensory information about their relationship to their inner and outer environment. An instantaneous shift in tissues responsiveness involving the whole body takes place, when attention enters a receptive mode that allows conscious experience of this relationship and enables individuals to modulate their postures, attitudes, movements and behaviors in a way that proves most suitable.


This is a poster that was presented at the 9th Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water in Bulgaria in October 2014. It guides the reader's attention to experience water's exquisite sensitivity and responsiveness in his or her own body. 

The questionnaires I and II further guide your attention. They are divided in two documents, in case you wish to share your general observations without going into the detail of the shapes in your body. If you do send them to us, please protect the document with a password which you can communicate to us separately. It is important to us to treat any personal information entrusted to us with absolute confidentiality. Your observations may become a valuable part of a study to enhace the understanding of the way how experience is recorded in the body.

 Questionnaire II and a an extract of the book Respirar con árboles (Breathing with Trees) will help you align your body in the gravitational field of Earth.
It is translated into English by the author.