I'm interested in alliance members' thoughts on the phenomena of ghosts - especially from Jungian and Groffian perspectives that are influenced by Quantum physics (I.e. post classical science). I recall somewhere that some Jungians theorise both an internal collective unconscious AND a kind of objective external imaginal dimension in which matter and mind coalesce ... the psychoid realm perhaps? Apparently Pauli the physicist and Jung discussed such issues and Jung saw the third coniunctio of traditional alchemy as the period when this more external dimension to the unconscious psyche freed itself of personal unconscious issues and gained increased access through active imagination to external independent entities that assisted in the merging of the human divine duality. Any thoughts/comments on these themes most welcome since I'm doing a talk to a group of writers in October on contemporary depth psychology perspectives on ghosts. You can reply here or email me at irvinehobson (at) hotmail.com

best wishes to all Depth Psychology members - truly an inspirational group of people!

Ian Irvine (Hobson)