Body Wisdom Spain


III International Congress Body Wisdom Spain "Vital connections: the Essential Function of Fascia in Movement and Structure", June 6-7, in Benicassim, Spain

I will talk about

  • Towards a fuller understanding of the interaction between myofascial tone and water – Working with beliefs reflected in liquid cristal

Hypertonic tissues keep wide areas of human experience underneath the threshold of consciousness. When they acquire an optimal resting tone, possible with efficient alignment in the gravitational field, the flow of sensory information is recovered. It becomes possible then to examine it and to discern to what extent experience belongs to a remembered present or actually reflects the present moment, because to an educated eye it becomes clear like a reflection on the surface of coherently ordered water. From underneath the threshold of consciousness, on the other hand, highly charged contents are usually projected onto others and one remains caught in repetitive cycles of reactivity. Experiences that seem utterly personal and intimate often turn out to have a collective dimension, linking the individual to all other living beings across space and time. With structural integration and somatic pattern recognition it becomes possible to find support within oneself as well as in the material world we all are a part of, and take on the task of recognizing the parts of our experience we tend to hide from ourselves as parts and representatives of the shadow side of the whole human race. In this way, one by one, every individual has the power to bring mankind a step closer to truly ethical behavior or to move us farther away from it.