9142468656?profile=originalWhen you work with dreams from an animated point of view, notes Stephen Aizenstat, who pioneered the process of DreamTending, it brings the dream to life. When one comes into a relationship with the image, it allows the image its own innate intelligence, and it can speak to us what it knows.

Through this process, we develop a community of soul figures which become “intimate others,” offering the capacity for powerful relationships. We can “live into” these relationships in times of crisis, of deep personal loss, or of incredible genius.

“The Global Dream Initiative is all about that,” Aizenstat observes, “Coming into small communities all around the world, sharing, opening up, letting the figures come forward offering themselves to our imagination, and listening to what is being asked of us.”


Read a detailed summary article about the session offered by Dr. Steven Aizenstat and Dr. Douglas Thomas at the “Response at the Radical Edge: Depth Psychology for the 21st Century” conference at Pacifica Graduate Institute in June 2017