Emergence and Synchronicity

This is my first post on this site and as a newcomer, I'm excited to find so many lovers of depth psychology!

I am a doctoral student at Fielding Graduate University not far from Pacifica.My main research interest concerns the evolution of consciousness, and more specifically how consciousness manifests reality. This has led me to a study of the phenomena of emergence and some interesting work by Jungian analysts George Hogenson and Joe Cambray on archetypes and symbols as a function of emergence.

I'm wondering if anyone else in this forum is familiar with their work. My undergrad is in physics and my entre into depth psychology has been facilitated mostly by studying von Franz. Her work on synchronicity (divination, number/time, etc.) and what I've read about the relationship to Pauli by both von Franz and Jung, have helped me develop some framework towards grasping these ideas. But it would be wonderful to bounce ideas off others who are interested in similar themes.

Looking forward to hearing more. Regardless, I will try to post a few findings as my studies continue in case it brings value to an area of inquiry for someone else.