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This is a piece I wrote as a result of a personal dream analysis in light of my recent re-reading of "The Problem of The Puer Aeternus" - I thought I would share it even though it may well be a work in progress - I welcome feedback.

No Strings

The writer is a man in middle age who has worked as a depth psychotherapist for many years. He has done specialist focussed work, both group and individual with a variety of men, including those who have sex with men. He has had many encounters and relations

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Marie Louise Von Franz on meeting Carl Jung

VON FRANZ: I met him when I was eighteen. And I began in the year later in ’34: I began analysis with him.

We went out there to the tower, and out of the bushes suddenly–we were standing around, kind of, you know awkwardly, as one does, not knowing what was going to happen–and then out of the bushes came a man, and I was deeply impressed by him.

I thought he naturally, he was a Methuselah because when you are eighteen you ‘think a 58 year old is ready for the cemetery.

He told that story which you

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At the Table

At the tableWhen I sit at the able and the cutlery and glasses gleamWhen the napkins are folded whiteWhen the chair scrapes the floor just rightAnd my skirt rustles on the seatNeither brocade nor velvet, neither cotton nor silkBut a soft and pliant fabricLike the wished for comfort of the soulIn love with GodThat is when I know I will have found youTo earn a seat at that tableRequires the silence of the selfQuiet as a proverbial mouseAll potentia, possible movement, thought, desireAll probable o
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Surprised by God at my table

Surprised by God at my table04 Apr 2013 8:49 AM | Silvia BehrendSurprised by God at my TableFor the past twenty five years, my ex-Catholic husband and I have celebrated the Passover with a Seder, the ritual telling of the story of Exodus which is accompanied by special food, wine and story. I have presided at Seders with five people and with over 150 people. I have sat next to the very old and the very young, but I have never sat next to God. Or rather, God never revealed Godself to me.It wasn’t
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Emergence and Synchronicity

This is my first post on this site and as a newcomer, I'm excited to find so many lovers of depth psychology!

I am a doctoral student at Fielding Graduate University not far from Pacifica.My main research interest concerns the evolution of consciousness, and more specifically how consciousness manifests reality. This has led me to a study of the phenomena of emergence and some interesting work by Jungian analysts George Hogenson and Joe Cambray on archetypes and symbols as a function of emergence

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