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Hi All,

I'm making a documentary film about ecological adaptation and the transformation of modern myths from the limitless growth of free market economy to the archetype of loving home and taking care of the planet (which i frame as depth psychology in terms both ancient and postmodern).

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If this inspires you, please donate - pledges being at just $5 and every person that joins this community becomes part of the new story we are building together.

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"Alice Greening and the Parking Lot Sharing Expo."

New Myth #35 by Willi Paul,



“At this special holiday event, we’ll have a re-gifting exchange, share holiday decor, and have a few holiday-themed demos. Bring your bikes, bike supplies, homegrown fruit, vegetables, eggs, herbs, honey, flowers, paints, markers, books, shirts, skirts, pants, fabric, yarn, paper, sheet music, patterns, books, garden tools, craft tools, toys, kits, seeds, unwanted gifts, and more. Be sure to bring a

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