It’s fall and I don’t know if this is happening to you, but all areas of my life are pinging and needing attention all at once—work, finances, health (I’m determined to lose my 10 extra pounds), love (I’m surprised at this one…), my creative muse (wish I had more time to devote…), and family (I need to fly to Iowa to help clean out and sell the family house. When am I gonna have time to do that…?)

I’m feeling some overwhelm.

When we’re in fear, overwhelm, confusion, or exasperated that our goals aren’t being achieved, what we humans tend to do is put artificial structure on ourselves. We set demanding schedules, read self-help books, and beat ourselves up when we don’t make progress on the things we most want to do.

In this upcoming experiential teleclass, we’re going to be working with a particular form of Source energy that will give you organic, internal structure, clarity and definition. This visceral Source energy will allow you to navigate relationships, unruly emotions, and overwhelm with grace, ease and strength… because it’s coming from your essence.

It’s going to be a powerful class, I hope you’ll join me.






Most creative people don’t need more ideas. Nor do they need more creative flow, or more fire. They need proper containment of their creative energy. They need structure—discipline, boundaries and focus—to execute their brilliant visions. They need to own their authority and not get distracted by drama, obligations that don’t fill them up, or their own unruly emotions. They need clarity about what their next step is and when they have that clarity, the fortitude to act on it.

Do you:

  • say yes when you mean no?
  • find days floating by without accomplishing much?
  • have sloppy habits around food, money, and time on the internet?
  • feel emotional, fuzzy, confused or unclear?
  • get distracted, depressed or overwhelmed easily?
  • have ongoing issues w/ a colleague, friend or family member?
  • long to start a project but can’t seem to get going?

Whether we want to lose ten pounds, grow a business, have a more loving relationship with our partner, or gracefully navigate a challenging situation, we need sturdy inner structure and the ability to hold clear boundaries.

Our minds think, “this is ridiculous, it’s so easy. All I need is to follow a food plan and I’ll lose that weight.” Or, “I just need to schedule time every morning to work on my book.” But if you’re like many creative people, after two days (or two hours), our old patterns and distractions take over. We’re back in fuzzy energy again.

In this class we’ll work with a particular form of Source Energy that provides natural strength, discipline, healthy boundaries, focus and clarity.

You will up-level your daily habits, move past the fuzziness that’s been clouding your brain, clean up those messy areas in your life, and operate from a natural strength of purpose.

This is about sturdy inner form… we’ll be aligning our deep desires with who we’re being in the world.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Note: This is a tele-class, so you can live anywhere in the world and participate.

Early Bird Price: $89 until October 10th, $99 after that
includes audios, handouts & a personal reading with Kim

GROUP CALLS: three Fridays October 18th, 25th & Nov 1st
10 am – 12 pm PST

* If you can’t attend live, these calls will be recorded.


Kim Hermanson, PhD. is an award-winning author, healer, coach, and faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is known for her skill in quickly shifting people out of spiritual and psychological difficulties into a place of profound beauty, healing and creative flow. www.kimhermanson.com