Shadow attracts us to a job and an organisation

Shadow makes us attracted to a certain job and organisation. We utilise our talents in a job and also a piece of our shadow.

Shadow is what you don't want to be or what you admire. Unconsciously we are attracted to a job and organisation because of our shadow. Something inside us, attracts us to exactly the place where we can grow. We prefer to show a mask to hide our shadow. In Jungian terms this is our persona.

Shadow influences our relationships. We are attracted to other persons because of our shadow. We like a partner for instance because he/she is so caring and sweet. After a few years we might prefer to stop this relationship because of the other is too soft. If you can embrace your shadow, you can lift your relationship to the next level. You can find literature about this, but not how shadow influences us in work.



My statement is that you are attracted to a job to develop your shadow. That's also what can cause problems. An example is a reasonable trader I was coaching. Actually he was trading to attract the love and attention of his father. He learned these skills and adapted his behavior at home. This became clear because I am using an archetype measurement CADT. With CADT you can detect talents and adapted behavior. This trader can only become a good trader if he detects why he chose this job and of course he has to live his talents enough. Developing through accepting your shadow is tiring, so you need all the energy you can get.


Not everything you are good in, is a talent

You are good in something, but you don't get the energy you expect. If this becomes worse you can even get a burnout. So it can be very important to detect this in order to avoid it. CADT makes talents and adapted behavior clear. And the qualities you are not getting energy from are very often adapted competences. CADT works with images/archetypes and texts of competences.

I was coaching a business analyst who reacted: I am different to other analysts. With his CADT measurement I noticed he was not a analyst at all. Now he is a team leader where he can develop his excellent strategic skills. With these strategic skills he managed as an analyst, but he would never have become a good one.

I tested quite a big amount of people working for an airline company. I was not surprised they fight for freedom if they don't get it. The desire for freedom was in the shadow of many employees. No wonder they join an airline company. Also there was a lot of undeveloped serving leadership, also still shadow. So I also call shadow the human capital of a company. It is the gold of people, if you are prepared to develop it. Because embracing your shadow is a tiring process.


Also leadership becomes quickly clear with CADT. If you want to be a leader to others, you have to lead yourself. So inside, so outside! With CADT you can also give clients a key for development. Very often this is a shadow quality.

How many people do expect their company will become their new mother? The company will take care for them for the rest of their life. Insurance, comfort and help in development are expected. Erich Neumann's the Great Mother describes how a mother nourishes, smother,devour and even destroys. If you are of no value for a company, the door will be wide open for leaving.

You can find more information on and feel free to ask for more information. A CADT archetype measurement will reveal your shadow, your gold and the next step in your development.


Please do react on my statement: shadow attracts us to certain jobs and organisations. I am curious what you think about this!