The Anatomy of Aliveness

Body Wisdom Congress
During the Body Wisdom Congress this summer in Benicassim, Spain, among many other international speakers, I will offer two seminars: 

Untangling Present Somatic Experience from Sensations Stored in Interfacial Water

Beliefs about who we are, what the world is like, and what we can aspire to in life, arise out of the continual flow of sensations in the body that are not reflections of present experience but of the initial conditions of our lives.  Although these sensations seem to inform about the present moment, it is actually a present that is remembered. It is engraved in interfacial water through the habitual tension of muscles and encoded in the nervous system through selective coordination of neuronal groups. Recognizing the physical shapes which hold these beliefs in place, makes it possible to identify the different ways in which they lead our experience in life along particular pathways. The greater force fields of nature, namely the gravitational and archetypal fields, offer a highly specific frame of reference for reorientation towards experiencing the present as it is.

Breathing: The Archetypal Motion of Life

Expanding out into the world and resting into the depth of one's being and of the world we belong to, these are motions we share with every living being, even the first unicellular being ever alive. With proper guidance, the motions of breath can restore the archetypal flow of life from its captivity in habitual patterns.

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