“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been”

                                                      Rainer Maria Rilke



2018 will be a year of alchemical transformation. It is an 11 universal year in numerology, master number of new beginnings. It is also the vibration of creation and partnerships. As we move into the Aquarian Age, we enter the mystery as a huge shift begins in the world. Dreams during this period of the year, especially between December 25-January 6th, are particularly powerful and perhaps prescient for the coming year. This is one I am immersed in:


I sit on a black, rocky promontory over the sea watching the great, giant swells of grey green water as they move toward shore. I am learning to read them, feeling my way into the angles of their direction, the height, the textures, the sensed energies as they rise and fall. They almost look like whales, like the backs of whales as they rise just before breaching the surface. The sea is rather calm except for these mighty swells, tides, waves, moving toward land. In the next scene, I sit with others, teaching them how to read the currents as well.


I am hopeful for the rising tide of the returning Feminine energies, the awakening of the dynamic, transformative Feminine archetype. But I am not sure how long it will take for it to reach shore, to take root. There is so urgent a need to restore and regenerate our nation and our living planet. With the power and energies of the Great Mother, Cancer, and the solid structuring of Saturn in Capricorn, perhaps this year we will rebuild after so much destructiveness and demolition. Perhaps a new story will be birthed from the womb of darkness, the heart of mystery.


This super moon in Cancer, the Full Wolf Moon, brings to light just what needs to end, transform or shift in some radical way in the structures, foundations and old stories that keep playing out in our lives. This is true on both personal and collective levels. This Full Wolf Moon throws us into the heart of mystery of our deepest soul purpose with radical shifts. The energies of this Cancer moon and her unconditional love can assist us in stepping past our fears of radical changes. Conjunct to the full moon was Black Moon Lilith, and Eris, two fierce feminine warriors who are fed up with being ignored. So many more women are reclaiming their time, finding their strongest voices, as collectively we are taking responsibility for our feminine power and sovereignty.


Saturn moved into Capricorn at Winter Solstice December 19. At the Galactic Center, the vast black hole in the middle of the Milky Way, we see into holy darkness. The womb of creation. The place where stars are born. And new stories are birthed. What did you seed at Solstice?


The future cannot be controlled but it can be created. It may feel like we are being sucked into a vortex of destructive economic, political and environmental news. But we are birthing a new story. It is important to tell ourselves, repeatedly, that we have the strength to succeed. We are the ancestors of the future.


Saturn is tough but bestows true authority and the power to make change on this planet and in our lives. He means serious business, an initiation into our own authority, responsibility. Like the Hawaiian word for responsibility – kuleana- this is not just about “duty” but the privilege and blessing of being given a sacred task, the blessing of your gifts, your healed wounds, to accomplish it. Now it seems to me Ho’okuleana is even more important: the shared and collective responsibility to heal ourselves and care for our world kin and the planet.


There is great energy to ground our visions, to focus, to build a structure to support us, boundaries to protect us. Saturn is the master of time. We are asked to stay steadfast in serving soul.


Saturn rules time, social structures, communal life, government, financial systems. Via Cathy Pagano [http://www.wisdom-of-astrology.com/public/page/blog?i=2] and Daniel Giamario, some ancient cultures saw Capricorn as a Council of Grandmothers who shared their wisdom for the common good. This is the wisdom of the earth and of the body. The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was 1988-89. What were you doing then? What have you learned?


In a current online course Kaypacha (http://newparadigmastrology.com/kaypacha/) “Getting Stronger with Saturn” he describes how Saturn allows us to claim our sovereignty, own our authority, by insisting we honor the boundaries, borders, structures of time and the real limitations of third dimension time and space even while our visions and dreams may stretch out to the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Capricorn and Saturn are excellent at structuring and stabilizing our visions and goals. And regardless of our experiences with our personal mothers, we can find home within our inner Mother to nurture ourselves and our dearest creative babies.


Saturn is also the planet of synthesis, helping us to put it all together in alignment with our soul’s destiny. Helping us to define ourselves. Time is limited. What has been deconstructed over the last few years is ready to be reconstructed, renewed. Saturn asks us to come into correct alignment with our soul’s purpose, to stretch towards the Goddess as she is reaching for us. He is the Magician, the benevolent taskmaster. This could be a very creative time. After the tumultuous and tortuous year of the American Presidency, the many assaults on the living planet, the revelation of the darkest secrets surfaced, I am most ready for a new story. I welcome the fierce energies of Black Moon Lilith, of Eris, of women around the world taking off their masks, howling at the moon and claiming their feminine power.

From beloved teacher Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes on this Full Wolf Moon:


The howl is the call to

choose one goal.

The most life-giving, the most life sparing.

Not one or the other, both. Both.

Like a true wolf would do.


The howl is the call to

Focus. One thing to shelter, build in beauty,

end, begin, one thing at a time.

The howl is the call to

Collect your tendernesses and strengths. Both.

Not one or the other. Both. Like a true wolf.

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