Carl Jung & Jungian Topics: Dreams,Archetypes, Symbols 

Individuation: The Process of a Lifetime: Jung defined it as "the process by which a person becomes an "in-dividual…”

Book review: What Story Are You Living? By Carol Pearson and Hugh Marr> Are all stories are derived from archetypes?

Depth Psychology and Myths Today: The mystery that surrounds us feeds the myths we make…

The Differences Between the Wounded Healer Archetype and the Healer Archetype: 

Archetypes of the Feminine from Robert Johnson: Which one is at play in your life or

Inner Imaginal Conversations: Indigenous peoples for thousands of years have considered dreams to be guides to their lives helping them in decision-making…

That little psychological menace called projection: “As a rule, a beautiful woman is a terrible disappointment.”~Carl Jung. One response:

Depth Psychology and Myths Today: The mystery that surrounds us feeds the myths we make…

Listen online: “In Touch with Carl Jung”> The archetype of Regret with Bradie Hansen: class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: 6pt; text-indent: 0in; line-height: normal;">Listen online: Deena Chappell &"The Voices of Archetypes" on "InTouch with Carl Jung":


Psychology, Therapy, Disorders, & Trauma 

Children born to mothers living within 309 meters of a freeway appeared to be twice as likely to have autism:

Recovering from Trauma: The enduring effect of war & terrorism in PTSD in soldiers and civilians of combat zones:

Writing heals: Brain research confirms relationship between words & neurological underpinnings of emotional trauma:

Sleep plays a crucial role in the development of memories, so could sleep deprivation eliminate fear & aid those suffering from PTSD?


Technology, Culture, & Entertainment

An astute archetypal assessment: “WikiLeaks and the Death of the Event”: An
Essay by John David Ebert 

Contagious Emotion: How social media can create big change:

Symptoms as signals of things unlearned: A depth-psychological look at 8 Lessons We
Can Learn from the Transnationals:

Sacred Brands: Consumerism as Modern Religion: As far back as 2001, ad firm Young & Rubicam declared "Brands are the new religion. People turn to them for meaning…"

Your call, but calls for contemplation: Cultural Symptoms: Cable News and the Moment to Moment Mindset:

What do these contemporary films say about the mind today?

The film “Inception” from the perspective of a Shaman:

For the first time in history it is possible to bump into an electric image of oneself on a fairly regular basis… "One Thousand Malkoviches: Reflections On the Cultural Phenomenology of Celebrity, An Essay by John David Ebert"

Visionary movies privilege the archetypal point of view (also a great site for a multitude of reviews):


Mind, Brain, & Neuroscience

Forget IQ: The Emerging Science of Collective Intelligence:

New lab study: Stress can enhance ordinary, unrelated memories:

Jung’s “2000-year-old-man” still lives in our primal brain: Fear is a fundamental part of making good decisions

Neural Feedback: Brain Influences Itself with Its Own Electric Field> The brain generates an electric field that influences its own activity:

The famous 'aha' effect is a peculiar phenomenal experience that people have when they solve a problem, yields pleasure:

Naps boost memory, but only if you dream:

Wholeness Regained - Revisiting David Bohm's Dialogue:

How does science fit in America’s growing interest in psychic and paranormal events? (Carl Jung also tried to explain it)


Nature, Ecology, & Ecopsychology

Climate change could kill up to 5 million people in the next 10 years—and most of them
are children under the age of 5:|+The+Blue+Marble%29&utm_content=Twitter

We need an energy sixth sense to fight global warming: ROUGHLY 30 to 40 per cent of global energy use occurs in buildings

Earlier this year: Scientists say Dolphins Should be Treated as Non-Human Persons: Dolphins have distinct personalities and self-awareness & can think about the future

Ecopsychology: Solving Climate Change Is a Psychological Challenge -- Some Solutions -

BONNIE BRIGHT, Ph.D.,(Founder of Depth Psychology Alliance), is a Transpersonal Soul-Centered Coach certified via Alef Trust/Middlesex University, and a certified Archetypal Pattern Analyst®, and has trained extensively in Holotropic Breathwork™ and the Enneagram. She has trained with African elder, Malidoma Some'; with Transpersonal Pioneer Stan Grof; and with Jungian analyst, Jerome Bernstein, among others.Her dissertation focused on a symbolic look at Colony Collapse Disorder and what the mass vanishing of honeybees means to us both personally and as a collective. Bonnie’s path to soul began with a spontaneous mystical experience in 2006, and she continues her quest for awakening each day with a sense of joy, freedom, and gratitude at the magic afoot in the world.

JAMES R. NEWELL, Ph.D., MTS, (Director of Depth Psychology Alliance) earned his Ph.D. in History and Critical Theories of Religion from Vanderbilt University (2007), and holds a master's degree in pastoral counseling and theology from the Vanderbilt University Divinity School (2001). James is also the director of the Depth Psychology Academy, offering college-level courses in Jungian and depth psychology. James has spent much of his working life as a professional musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with interests in jazz, blues, folk, world, and devotional music. Since his youth, James has worked with a variety of blues greats including John Lee Hooker, James Cotton, Jr. Wells, Hubert Sumlin, Big Joe Turner, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and others.