Carl Jung & Jungian Topics: Dreams,Archetypes, Symbols 

Individuation: The Process of a Lifetime: Jung defined it as "the process by which a person becomes an "in-dividual…”

Book review: What Story Are You Living? By Carol Pearson and Hugh Marr> Are all stories are derived from archetypes?

Depth Psychology and Myths Today: The mystery that surrounds us feeds the myths we make…

The Differences Between the Wounded Healer Archetype and the Healer Archetype: 

Archetypes of the Feminine from Robert Johnson: Which one is at play in your life or

Inner Imaginal Conversations: Indigenous peoples for thousands of years have considered dreams to be guides to their lives helping them in decision-making…

That little psychological menace called projection: “As a rule, a beautiful woman is a terrible disappointment.”~Carl Jung. One response:

Depth Psychology and Myths Today: The mystery that surrounds us feeds the myths we make…

Listen online: “In Touch with Carl Jung”> The archetype of Regret with Bradie Hansen: class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: 6pt; text-indent: 0in; line-height: normal;">Listen online: Deena Chappell &"The Voices of Archetypes" on "InTouch with Carl Jung":


Psychology, Therapy, Disorders, & Trauma 

Children born to mothers living within 309 meters of a freeway appeared to be twice as likely to have autism:

Recovering from Trauma: The enduring effect of war & terrorism in PTSD in soldiers and civilians of combat zones:

Writing heals: Brain research confirms relationship between words & neurological underpinnings of emotional trauma:

Sleep plays a crucial role in the development of memories, so could sleep deprivation eliminate fear & aid those suffering from PTSD?


Technology, Culture, & Entertainment

An astute archetypal assessment: “WikiLeaks and the Death of the Event”: An
Essay by John David Ebert 

Contagious Emotion: How social media can create big change:

Symptoms as signals of things unlearned: A depth-psychological look at 8 Lessons We
Can Learn from the Transnationals:

Sacred Brands: Consumerism as Modern Religion: As far back as 2001, ad firm Young & Rubicam declared "Brands are the new religion. People turn to them for meaning…"

Your call, but calls for contemplation: Cultural Symptoms: Cable News and the Moment to Moment Mindset:

What do these contemporary films say about the mind today?

The film “Inception” from the perspective of a Shaman:

For the first time in history it is possible to bump into an electric image of oneself on a fairly regular basis… "One Thousand Malkoviches: Reflections On the Cultural Phenomenology of Celebrity, An Essay by John David Ebert"

Visionary movies privilege the archetypal point of view (also a great site for a multitude of reviews):


Mind, Brain, & Neuroscience

Forget IQ: The Emerging Science of Collective Intelligence:

New lab study: Stress can enhance ordinary, unrelated memories:

Jung’s “2000-year-old-man” still lives in our primal brain: Fear is a fundamental part of making good decisions

Neural Feedback: Brain Influences Itself with Its Own Electric Field> The brain generates an electric field that influences its own activity:

The famous 'aha' effect is a peculiar phenomenal experience that people have when they solve a problem, yields pleasure:

Naps boost memory, but only if you dream:

Wholeness Regained - Revisiting David Bohm's Dialogue:

How does science fit in America’s growing interest in psychic and paranormal events? (Carl Jung also tried to explain it)


Nature, Ecology, & Ecopsychology

Climate change could kill up to 5 million people in the next 10 years—and most of them
are children under the age of 5:|+The+Blue+Marble%29&utm_content=Twitter

We need an energy sixth sense to fight global warming: ROUGHLY 30 to 40 per cent of global energy use occurs in buildings

Earlier this year: Scientists say Dolphins Should be Treated as Non-Human Persons: Dolphins have distinct personalities and self-awareness & can think about the future

Ecopsychology: Solving Climate Change Is a Psychological Challenge -- Some Solutions -