What Kind of Men's Retreat?


The Heart Arrow Quest is a time and place for men to remember who they are on a deeper level: as a man, as a human, as a seed of this earth, here to flourish in our own unique manner for this lifetime, for our people, and for the many lands entrusted to us.

It is a time for reconciling the balance of my life: do I have enough of my soul, enough spirit, enough of me in my life to carry me forward, to carry me home?

It is a place for standing in our being and allowing all the branches, all the streams, roots, waterways, deer and coyote, light and dark of me to have a voice in my living.

It is a place for walking, one step in front of the other, with this deeper life that now fills my heart and breathe good mountain air, filled with fresh earth and sky, breathe into these steps going forward...finally seeing more clearly, and being seen more fully.

It is a quest for the love of this life that is in our hearts and needs re-membering and honoring--in solitude and in community.

We quest for the zest!

The Heart Arrow Quest is a men's retreat in the the foothills of Boulder Colorado. Our Spring Quest is May 15-17. If interested, please contact Mark or Andrew, we can only accommodate 8 men.