The link below leads to an article published in the 2013 IASI Yearbook (International Association of Structural Integrators). It comes out of an ongoing attempt to understand how belief systems and complexes shape the body; and it is based on the author's experience in approaching psyche from the body as a DFA (Duggan/French Approach) practitioner to Somatic Pattern Recognition

Working with Beliefs Reflected in Liquid Crystal

I have received requests from people who would like to participate in a discussion of this article. So I am posting it here in the understanding that the Depth Psychology Alliance will allow access to anyone who would like to participate in such a discussion.

In amore recent article, published in the 2014 IASI yearbook I continue de research started in previous years with Towards a Fuller Understanding of the the Interaction between Myofascial tone and Water

In previous years I published two more articles in the same venue, the 2009 and 2011 IASI Yearbooks, which give some background on the Duggan/French Approach to Somatic Pattern Recognition, its relationship to Archetypal Pattern Analysis and its relevance to Depth Psychology.

DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition: DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition.pdf


DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition, Archetypal Field Theory and the New Sciences DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition, Archetypal Field Theory and the New Sciences

The 2014 IASI Yearbook will publish an article based on two posters presented at the 7th and 8th Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water in 2012 in Vermont, USA and 2013 in Samokov, Bulgaria: Towards a fuller understanding of the interaction between myofascial tone and water. It is a follow-up to the article that gives title to this post and I will post it here as well, when it becomes available, because I believe it might prove helpful, or at least interesting, for practitioners of depth psychology as well.