Ancestral Healing: Insights on Animism & Shamanism—VIDEO INTERVIEW, Dr. Daniel Foor with Bonnie Bright PhD

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Everyone who is ancestrally disconnected from indigenous culture, can find the possibility of reclaiming animist, earth-honoring, soulful depth level relationship with your own ancestors, practices, and community, insists Daniel Foor, in this in-depth conversation with Bonnie Bright, Ph.D. for Depth Insights™Be hopeful about it: it's possible to do it in a way that isn't culturally offensive. We need the reconnection. The others, the not human ones, miss us, and we desperately need to get our framework for how to live and how to relate well with the others back on track. Not just spiritually but politically and culturally...Daniel offers ongoing trainings and webinars on the subject, including a new course, "Ancestral Lineage Healing" starting October 29, 2017.Learn more on Daniel's website at or at www.DepthPsychologyAlliance.comRead a summary article of the interview at

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