Dr. James Hillman Live at Mythic Journeys Part 1

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Dr. James Hillman discusses myth and the world around us at one of the Mythic Journeys conferences. To find out more information, please go to: www.mythicima...

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  • "Adrift with the litter of soul-less objects; all soul, all mind, all consciousness condensed inside the human brain, putting nature at the disposal of the human will." What a captivating notion!
  • A few years back, after the "Nature and Human Nature" conference in Santa Barbara, some of the presenters met afterward for a chat with Hillman, who asked, "Which god do you think ruled here today?" Before we could reply he added with a pained tone, "I think it was Chronos," and we laughed because we had all rushed through our allotted twenty minutes and run over anyway. All but Hillman, who had finished five minutes early.
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