Peter Kingsley: Complete Interview

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Groundbreaking scholar of pre-Socratic philosophy Peter Kingsley emphasizes the sacred role of Western civilization in global oneness. Drawing from his personal...

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  • Thank you Bonnie for recalling this interview. Here Kingsley gives us a palpable understanding of what we mean by the over used and often misunderstood term, wholeness. He even points to the magical technique of simultaneously using all the senses to experience "eternity" - that realm from which we can locate emergent properties. But, I would expect a good deal of resistance to his ideas since Westerns are blinded by the thinking function, by materiality and a world where mysticism, magic and spirituality are little more than cultist practices, superstitions, etc. Still, very slowly there is a spark that can be found in business ("presencing"), science (quantum physics) and hopefully Jungian psychology. For my part I have tried to capture this point where consciousness coagulated and slowly formed the barest outlines of the human psyche. I believe these stirrings took place long before the Greeks. Osiris, most particularly, represents this seminal impulse of life that reflects, however latent, the rhythms described by Kingsley. Tapping into this archetypal rhythm is yet another way for experiencing eternity. p.s. I especially enjoyed listening to Peter as I watched your bee in midair pollinating worlds!
  • His ideas about the deliberate seeding of civilisations with ideas from 'another world' seem silly to me, as do those about oneness and eternity, but his uncovering of Parmenides and Empedocles as spiritual leaders, as thinkers about stillness and awareness - and as providing a Western sacred tradition - rather than just philosophers (really, the idea of what philosophy is has changed) is fascinating and worth reading his books for.
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