The Image-Making Capacity of Soul: Dr. Mary Harrell in Conversation with Bonnie Bright

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Every once in a while, a term emerges on the horizon of my awareness which I find strikingly beautiful. In this case, it is the “image-making capacity of soul.” The language of soul is symbol, and symbol shows itself in image—including dream images, fairy tales and myth, or even art, Mary Harrell, Ph.D., explains in her recent book, Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life: Stories from the World Between Matter and Mind. Ultimately, this language of images is soul manifesting in a way people can understand, and without that image-making capacity, people can’t come to terms with the unconscious, Harrell insists.Join Dr. Mary Harrell in conversation with Bonnie Bright, PhD, host of the interview series, "Discussions in Depth Psychology", powered by Pacifica Graduate Institute. Bonnie Bright is also the founder of Depth Psychology Alliance, for a blog post summarizing this interview on Depth Psychology Alliance ( or at Pacifica Post (

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  • Your book, Mary, is a wonderful contribution to the world, as it grants legitimacy to an area of human experience that has for so long been marginalized. Perhaps like you, I am also regularly visited by figures in "the invisible realm," first unbidden as a child and, today, pursued in Active Imagination. As a businesswoman in our highly rational culture, I have long kept silent about my experiences. It wasn't until my 50's, in my depth education, that I came across Jung's term "active imagination," which allowed me to begin to connect and align the different facets of who I am. Thank you for keeping this conversation going!

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