In this time of profound global ecological change, how can we ground ourselves inwardly and outwardly in order to be of service in this coming epoch of critical adaptation? New scientific findings point strongly to the interconnectivity that manifests in our deep psychic bond with the earth, its creatures and plants, and the cosmos as a whole. Evidence of this interconnectivity arises in our personal lives in dream images and synchronicities, and in the powerful and visceral sense of engagement we feel with the natural world.

 This certificate program brings inner and outer worlds together in a unique format designed to activate the deep knowing of the psyche as it is nourished and animated by intimacy with the natural world. The program will take place in the unique ecological setting of Pacifica's Lambert Campus, 13 acres situated between the mountains and the sea.

We will engage in a number of dream practices, including Community Dream Tending and the use of art to explore dream images. Individual dreams of participants that address aspects of connection to nature will be explored for their teachings.

With special guest presenters, including Marshall Chrostowski, Stephen Aizenstat, Joseph Cambray, Linda Buzzell, and Joseph Bobrow, we will also look at topics such as ecopsychology, Eastern spiritual practices, ecoresilience, permaculture, Archetypal Activism, ecology and complex systems, and the neurobiology of the experience of nature. We will use the insights they offer along with our dream images, fantasies, and synchronicities to explore potentials for forming collective Earth-honoring communities.


In this program students will:

• Explore their inner experience of connection with the natural world

• Develop greater awareness of their unique personal experience of eco-spirituality

• Consider ways to take the learning from this certificate program into the outer world

• Learn from Pacifica faculty on topics such as:

- The use of Dream Tending and Ecopsychology in therapy

- The art of Dream Tending and other approaches to exploring the world of dreams

- Developments in ecological theory and understanding

- The practice of Archetypal Activism

- Eastern spirituality and nature

- The neurobiology of our experience of the natural world

- Ecology and complex systems

- Exploration of the organic gardens and edible landscape of Pacifica's Lambert Road Campus

Starts April 15, 2016

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