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Global practices of ancestor reverence and ritual encourage the living to relate directly with wise and loving ancestors; however, many in modern times are not raised with a framework for safely and beneficially honoring the dead. This breakdown of relationship between the living and the ancestors is problematic for many reasons, including: 

-Lack of healthy pride and felt support from the ancestors can seed self-hatred 
-Our families and communities can suffer from unmetabolized grief and ghosts
-Clarifying life purpose is harder with a blind spot around ancestral influence 

In this is three-session offering, Dr. Daniel Foor will focus in on the role the ancestors play in the pursuit of social justice. We'll consider ways in which the unhealed dead already speak through so many of our current conflicts and how we can more consciously invoke ancestral support for necessary cultural change and healing.

Because social justice can refer to healing needed along so many different fault lines in the human experience, Daniel has narrowed the focus of this brief online offering to three specific themes:

1. religion (session one)

2. race (session two)

3. gender and sexuality (session three)

There will be plenty of time each session for discussion as well as suggestions for calling on ancestral help for personal and cultural healing.

No prior experience with ancestor reverence needed. All sessions will be recorded for playback at any time, and if you're not able to attend the live sessions you can still send in questions.

Cost is $60 for the series. Please talk with Daniel if you need a reduction to join; He feels strongly about this offering being accessible. Those with a long track-record of working for social justice are welcome by donation. 

Session Dates: (90 minutes each)

August 18, Sept 1, Sept 15

Daniel Foor, Ph.D., is a teacher and practitioner of practical animism who specializes in ancestral and family healing and in helping humans relate well with the rest of the natural world.

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