An invitation to a safe, creative conversation about Identity, Color, Culture and what it means to belong as an individual and as a member of society.


“Thank you once again for an absolutely wonderful experience with the group. You are a great leader and brought out the best in us!”

J.C., group participant


Discover an empowering pathway to self-reflection and social healing through creative engagement and respectful, truthful conversations. 

Evoke a deeper sense of authentic personal power and presence that challenges barriers to belonging.

Friday Morning Group

March 17-June 2, 2023

10:15 am - 12:30 pm PDT 

$320 per month or $945 for all three months

(Due March 13, 2023)

Please check your time zone




A complimentary pre-participation interview is required.

  • Small group size
  • Partial scholarships available based on need
  • Must attend all 12 sessions
  • Only simple tools are necessary

For visual journaling supply examples visit


Folx of all races, genders, ethnicities, abilities & creeds are most welcome.


About Soul Circles

Our Soul Self speaks to us through its creative instinct with its self-healing impulse.

The more we engage, explore, and express our creative impulse, the more we learn to trust it and to risk inhabiting ourselves more deeply.

And, the more we make our way without giving up, the more we attune to our inner reality, rather than the reality that was foisted on us.

From there, we can have a meaningful and healing conversation about identity, color, culture, and belonging.


“Page-by-page, week-by-week, my journal became deeply layered with images, text, color, and my words. I now ‘make my mark’ fearlessly. My decision-making skills, 
confidence and relationships with others have blossomed.”

~ P.H., group participant



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