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4-week series starts 11/18. First one is FREE!

Traumatic memory carries a power all its own. It has the force to sweep us across the threshold of tangible reality into a field where the trauma lives on & continues to toss us on a turbulent sea of volatile emotional, physical & psychological upheaval.

While neuroscience has taught us a great deal about the biochemistry of trauma, we still require courage & determination to learn how to navigate these waters. We know so little about the workings & deeper meaning of memory, trauma & healing, 3 forces which perhaps shape our lives more than any others.

Fortunately, there are pioneers who have directly faced these realities & discovered a way to turn their experiences into landmarks of their own individuation. Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, Nobel Prize winner & author of 50 books+ and C.G. Jung have each braved storms of terror and trauma. Their memories will provide the framework for us explore this theme. Their lives speak to their profound understanding of redemption, healing, the transcendent, & the capacity to turn adversity & experiences of the unimaginable into a truly creative life.

Dr. Whitmont, a prominent Jungian Analyst, offered a truly fresh & innovative understanding of trauma and destiny, saying "Relevant events in a patients' history, which we have been in the habit of viewing as causes of current psychopathology, may now perhaps been seen as manifestations of the beginning life pattern. Traumatic events of childhood...may perhaps be seen as essential landmarks in the actualization of a pattern of wholeness, as the necessary "suffering of the soul", which engenders present and future psychological advance." (The Destiny Concept in Psychotherapy p. 186-187)

The lives of Wiesel & Jung speak to the profound meaning & accuracy of Whitmont's comments. Their respective journeys are a testament to the forward moving strength of the human spirit & the power of the creative psyche to withstand the severest of storms & to build a life whereby the centrality of the trauma sparks a creative contribution for the betterment of the individual and & collective condition.

With more than 30 years of clinical practice, Dr. Michael Conforti's work & research have shown the inexorable relationship between trauma, memory & field, & how these early experiences often represent the guiding forces in our life. In this series, we will look at the reality of memory, trauma & healing through the lens of Wiesel & Jung & through the artful weaving of Dr. Conforti's own pioneering work in archetypal fields. Dr. Conforti will discuss how these 2 deeply spiritual masters have taught us so much about the profundity of their experiences.

Each session will include the writings of Wiesel & Jung. We recommend reading Wiesel's The Accident (1991), The Forgotten (1995), Jung's A Review of the Complex Theory (1934), and Answer to Job,(1952) considered one of Jung's greatest works

Sessions recorded for easy playback
$25/Teleseminar (1st is Free)

FREE Session!
Sages and Dreamers

What we do with our memories, what they do with us

Trauma, Living with the Unimaginable

Healing as a Secular Miracle: Writing as a Means for Healing


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    Hi All,

    Thank you for the tremendous response to last evening's teleseminar with the Assisi Institute on Memories, Trauma and Healing.  For those of you wanting to hear last night's complimentary session:  "Dreamers and Sages," we have posted the link on our website homepage.  Simply visit our website and click the "Listen here" button on the homepage.

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    If you would like the re-play link to this evening's complimentary teleseminar, simply e-mail:  We would be more than happy to send you that link within 48 hours of this evening's session.  Any other comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at: (802) 254-6220 and we would be more than happy to walk you through the on-line shopping cart which simply requires your address, e-mail and credit card information to process the order.  Thank you.

  • i'm lost about what to do except for this comment page. thus, i probably missed. given my current position and commitments the free one seemed a blessing.

  • Was so excited to participate but after multiple efforts found it too complicated to complete the registration process. Sounds like a wonderful seminar.  

  • Yes, Neil (and all). I just went through the registration process myself and that IS the case. If you are only attending the free session, you will be asked for a credit card but you will see a charge of $0 as you submit it--i.e. no charge. "See "you all soon.

  • It seems that the system is requiring you to enter your credit card number in order to register, however you will not be charged for tonights session, is that correct?

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    Just to clarify with regards to the registration page: You will need to select from BOTH menus to get the free teleseminar.

     Unfortunately, this is the only way for our amazing website and shopping cart designer to navigate the Go Daddy shopping cart options.  The FREE session is clearly marked and you will have to go through the selection menus (both of them) on the shopping cart - but you will not be charged when registering only for the November 18th complimentary teleseminar.

  • Thank you so much for clarifying the instructions on how to access the free seminar, which I could not find originally when I first checked on the registration. Yes, now it is clear and it does help!

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    Hi everyone: So great to see what a large group of us who will be attending. Just a note: The registration page may be a bit confusing.

    To take advantage of the free session, first, you must select the "single session" which initially shows up with a cost. However, then you will be given the option to choose which week(s) and week 1 is clearly labeled "complimentary". Hope that helps!

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    Pleased to hear that  so  many members of the Depth Psychology Alliance will be attending this seminar.   The work of your organization,and the vision of it's founder, Bonnie Bright has created what is now the worlds largest online Jungian community- 

     In terms of the upcoming seminar I am teaching;

    1.   The initial complimentary seminar is offered free of charge regardless of whether or not one signs up for additional teleseminars-  There is no requirement to take the other seminars in order to receive the benefit of  this first session at no cost.

     2.  The time for this  program and for all of the sessions is 8 PM EST. However  as each program is  recorded, one can listen to it at any time.  Generally, we have participants from many countries taking part in these programs and they do listen after the event to the recorded session.

    3,  Rarely if ever have we denied participation to anyone because of financial  restraints-  We have always maintained a position of generosity and fairness in this regard. For the full details on the program and to register easily on-line, please go directly to our website:

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