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The Science of Healing: A Free Online Summit!

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At the Science of Healing Summit, you’ll join a global gathering of pioneers in evolutionary consciousness - including Depak Chopra, master musician Victor Wooten, as well as scientists, healers, physicians, researchers, and inspiring teachers - to discover the latest developments in whole-body healing from spiritual, embodied, mental, physical, and biofield perspectives.

After two years of persistent strain on your immune system, nervous system, and spirit, now is the time to tap into the energy and inspiration of a global scientific community as it unveils life-changing, evidence-based treatments and practices based on the healing power of the mind-body connection.

Just in the last few years, exciting research has come to light on body-based therapies - particularly around trauma resolution, integration practices, biofield devices, and psychoneuroimmunology.

We now better understand the internal systems that contribute to optimal mental and physical ease. The newest studies on sound healing, energetic healing, quantum healing, and biofield science are rich with immediate takeaways, including revelations on measuring the biofield, biofield tuning, and biofield therapies. Fascinating bodies of research point to similarities between ancient and modern whole-system approaches to health in fields such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and omics (biological science technologies).

Click here to register for this free, online summit!

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