This website and organization is wonderful. Very grateful to be apart of this place and want to thank the creators for taking the time to put this all together. It's a wonderful place for folks like us to come together and share our wisdom.


Thanks and Keep up the Good Work!


Goddess and God Bless you


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  • Thank you, James, and Ed--you're a funny guy!

    Actually, the truth is that a community is only the sum of its parts. This particular community just happens to be made up of amazing wonderful individuals who are willing to come together to learn and to share. I really believe there is so much room and potential in this new era of technology for likeminded people who would have NEVER been able to meet in everyday life and yet, here we all are.

    Edward Edinger, student and scholar of/on Jung discusses the era as a new dispensation. The Jewish era was based on "law" he says, the Christian one was based on "faith", and this (psychological) one is based on "experience" in which "God" (the Self, the Unconscious, the God-image) is "carried experientially by the individual" (in "The Creation of Consciousness").

    I believe this is a critical integer in our experience now, and this community can be a vehicle for each of us doing our part to help soul emerge in the world.

    Again, quoting from Edinger on the dawning of a new age, "Religion sought linkage, science sought knowledge. The new worldview will seek linked knowledge" (p. 58). I think that about sums it up nicely!

    So thank YOU (all of you) for heeding the call to collective and individual growth by showing up, contributing, and participating here in this wonderful space!

  • It's all about the "Bonnie Effect." :)
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