James Burden commented on Depth Alliance's event Webinar: Mythic Activism: Telling the Story Behind the Story -Craig Chalquist, PhD
"What a great topic! Looking forward to this show <3"
Aug 26, 2013
Sue Stevenson commented on James Burden's blog post Spirit of the Times:
"Great stuff!!!  :)"
Dec 5, 2011
Judith Harte,Ph.D. commented on James Burden's blog post Oedipus Amplexus
"I'm transfixed  and  utterly moved by this sculpture of the naked  male figure standing on the rock with head in hand...."
Oct 22, 2011
James Burden replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion The Shadow Knows: A Jungian Guide to Film
"very cool."
Oct 15, 2011
James Burden posted an event

Jul 26, 2011 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm

The Lensic

Jul 13, 2011
Bonnie Bright commented on James Burden's event Mining The Unconscious
"Hi James - Thanks so much for posting this event. I had no idea there was so much going on. It looks awesome. I'm motivated to try to get to Santa Fe sometime over the summer so I can take part."
Jun 8, 2011
James Burden posted an event

Jun 17, 2011 at 11:00am to Aug 31, 2011 at 12:00pm

Santa Fe, NM

Jun 8, 2011
James Burden left a comment for Robin Palmer
"Greetings Robin!

Thanks for friending me. I come from a film background and I'm never suprissed how many folks from tv, film, theater, ext, enjoy jung and depth psychology. Glad to have another kindred spirit here!


May 23, 2011
James Burden posted an event

Jul 14, 2011 to Jul 18, 2011

MCM Eleganté Hotel

May 5, 2011
penelope jane fields commented on James Burden's blog post Remembering Joseph Campbell:
"Echoing Bonnie's thanks for this timely honouring of one of the key porters at the door to and of deeper life. Funny, today I was cruising around YouTube and tapped into Campbell's new material, most of which is only paraphrased there...and not…"
Mar 28, 2011
Bonnie Bright commented on James Burden's blog post Remembering Joseph Campbell:
"James: Thanks so much for posting this blog. I love your comment, "(Campbell)

showed us that within the multitude of tales, legends and mythologies of the all the peoples of the Earth is one great story of mankind."--what an amazing summery of his…"
Mar 28, 2011
James Burden left a comment for Lucia d'Ancona
"I dont know where the image from Jung came from. Just googled his name I think.
Actually, I'm not yet at Pacifica. I've just applied and hope to be there soon. My game is Mythology with a stong emphasis is Depth Psychology and for this kind of…"
Mar 7, 2011
James Burden commented on Bonnie Bright's blog post Living the Symbolic Life
"I've often wondered if much of our issues stem from not seeing life symbolically and relying too hard on rational logical thinking. While I am not sure if this is an ability that we have lost or have just not developed enough I do think that if we…"
Mar 7, 2011
James Burden left a comment for Lucia d'Ancona
"Greetings Lucia! I'm looking into Pacifica myself but for the M.A./PhD program in Mythological Studies. Looking forward to your future posts
Mar 6, 2011
James Burden commented on Melissa Jane's blog post Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames
"This was a great film and I really appreciate the chance to see an intimate vision of Woodman and her life. Great Post!!!
Mar 6, 2011
James Burden posted an event

Mar 27, 2011 to Apr 1, 2011

Abiquie, NM

Jan 15, 2011

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  • The Sounding Body is the workshop...

    and thanks in your blog for Campbell's 4-part definition of myth - great citation!

    Somatic Expression with Jamie McHugh
  • Welcome James, I'm looking forward to checking out your mythic blog!


  • Welcome James,

    The "End-Times" has always fascinated me both in the way the days are determined and in the way we humans respond. I'll be heading to your website and reading your blogs with great interest.


  • Hi James. Welcome to the Alliance! I am so happy to have you in the community. Your blog posts are so rich and I'm thrilled you wasted no time in jumping in with both feet. I look forward to dialoguing with you. I'll be "tweeting" your posts right away--with your permission. All the best!
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Happy Groundhawg's Day

Oh, hawg who dwelt in the ground.

Be not afraid of thyn Shadow.

That mystery, however frightful, is only the undiscovered side of yourself.

Come out of yourn cave, my friend.

A secret I shall share with you: buried in that Shadow, just underneath the tar, lays a bounty of gold.

Be not afraid nor overly critical.

For what you would shrink from and scold is none other than your divine hidden soul.


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Oedipus Amplexus

 Epilogue: The truth now known

“his destiny moves us only because it could have been our own”3576935312_a2107aa20a.jpg

I sought the truth. A struggle it did become.

I sought the answer. Horrified, am I, that the response can not be undone.

How long has this task consumed me? It has taken all…

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Blog-1-231x300.jpg?width=174 Where others had been too timid to travel, where many had been too short sighted to envision, where few had been resourcefulness to return: Jung was there. His impulse to discovery lead him to territories of taboo that where and have been too extreme for a great deal of our mainstream psychologists. He was interested in Tarot, astrology, physics, magic, the occult, UFOs,…

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The Great Mystery

Mythic Meditations


What is Mythology? We are in no short supply of definitions and yet as of today there is no ‘Grand Unified Theory of Mythology’. It is an abstraction at its very best. To understand this mystery we draw from the fields of history, psychology, literature, religion, spirituality, philosophy, film, anthropology, science fact as well as science fiction. From Genesis to Star Wars we can follow its…

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The Wasteland is Waiting:

Mythic Meditations


A Call to Adventure &  A Cry for Authenticity

 “The theme of the Grail is the brining of life into what is known as ‘the wasteland’. The wasteland is the preliminary theme to which the Grail is the answer… It’s the world of people living inauthentic lives” Joseph…

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In the Beginning…there was the End

Mythic Meditations


There are people who say that the Mayan calendar is predicting the end of the world on Dec 21st 2012. Some Christian scholars say that the Rapture will occur on May 21st 2011 and that the Apocalypse will culminate with the destruction of the Earth by fire on October 21st that same year. It wasn’t too long ago that Y2K was said to be the end of modern civilization. One…

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