Hello everyone,

I hope I'm posting this in the right place,.. I wanted to let you know about a lovely tribute to James Hillman that was written by Louise Steinman and published in The LA Review of Books on 29 Jan.'12.


Louise does a magnificent job curating the ALOUD series for the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, and last Tuesday she hosted a splendid dialogue between Pico Iyer and Tom Curwen, during which they referred to Hillman and to Louise's tribute. It did my heart good to be re/minded that Hillman's reach went far beyond our psychological community. 





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  • Hi Hadley. Thanks very much for sharing this beautiful essay from Louise. It's written so poignantly and does a wonderful job painting a picture of Hillman and how she saw him through her own eyes. I would have missed it if I didn't see it posted here...Nice comment from Judith as well. Much gratitude to you both.

  • Thanks to Hadley Fitzgerald many,many times over.  If you are a lover of Hillman's work, as many of you might have guessed by now that I am, then run, don't walk to this exquisite piece by Louise Steinman about James Hillman and  what Louise received  in her own life as a result of reading Hillman's works.  I do not know you Louise personally, but I "know" you  after reading your writing and perceptions of Hillman and his work and how it \mpacted your life. 

    Thanks again Hadley, for making this available to those inclined to traverse the imaginal highway!

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