Digitizing Jung

Why haven't the Collected Works been digitized yet? While we all celebrate the publication of the Red Book and soon to come other as yet unpublished works by Jung, imagine what it would be like to have the Collected Works all on one, very accessible CD/DVD? I, for one, would sooner have Philamon Foundation give this project greater priority over their current agenda.

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  • Where do I sign up?

    I'm running out of money buying the C.W. one volume at a time.


    • Ed, you mad me laugh out loud with that one! I can so relate. Maybe we could pool our resources and buy a set to launch the Depth Psych Alliance Library... Seriously, though, I was wondering not a few days ago how I could get my hands on that project. I suppose the Philamon foundation has all the rights? I'm ready to start now...
      • This might be an interesting question to share with the librarian at Pacifica when we are there again. He might know the folks we would need to approach, unless Thom has some names and numbers.


        • Unfortunately, I have no contacts with Philemon. I did attend the Red Book presentation with Sonu at UCLA (disappointing) and there made the opportunity to speak with one of its directors. I did ask her this question. She told me that a man, an engineer I believe, already digitized the CW, but did so in such a way that accessing pages was cumbersome or not possible at all. In any event, she expressed their intent to stick with giving priority to making unpublished works available. I don't recall her name and unless some kind of petition, preferably backed by money, is brought to them, I don't foresee them changing their agenda. Now, let's see, if 395 members donated $15 each that would yield a sizable amount, about $6000! Not sure you want to use DPA in this way.
  • Thom: Thanks for raising this topic. I can't tell you how many times I have thought the same thing and wholeheartedly agree. I wonder what it would take to get this issue prioritized? Talk about a way to catapult Jungian works and Depth Psychology into the world!

    Many people are so busy these days that even if they see something online that piques their interest in Jung, they may never go seek out the book--and that's IF whatever they saw had an actual reference they could find. Being able to electronically search a database of Jung's works--even (and maybe especially) for those of us who are academics and writers--would make a huge difference in efficiency and ease of sharing.

    I bet many of us here in the community feel the same. Maybe we could start an initiative or grassroots movement here on the Alliance to petition the Foundation. Anyone else have ideas/comments?
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