Hi Ruth...I hope to hear  more from you soon.  I  love knowing more about people on this amazing site..Not to mention your astrological interests... Those of course are always intriguing to  someone such as myself.  Speaking of my own biography, I am a practicing archetypal astrologer/Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist /Ph.D. in Studio City, Ca.   with a burning interest in the language of myth and archetypes. I'm obviously terribly fond of Jung  , and most  admiring of the  thinking of James Hillman.  And you?





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  • Hi Ruth.. I see I did reply to your earlier post.....For some reason the post you  did not come through on my screen last night.  just sent Here's something I've been doing of late, Start with your sun sign. Say just for example you are a Virgo sun sign. Pisces is the opposite of Virgo astrologically.  Study  everything you are drawn to mythologically about the  mythological figures , Hestia/Virgo and Poseidon/Pisces.  In this way you will begin to amplify your sun sign mythologically.  Let me know if you need help identifying the mythological figure associated with your particular sun sign of you do not know it.  Your experience will deepen immensely by doing this.  More later ....J.
  • Hi Judith!  I just saw your message and I would love to learn more about archetypal astrology. I used to have readings regularly at a different stage of my life, and actually have realized my interest is beginning again. I haven't any books anymore but I have my natal chart and would like recommendations for a book. Astrology is quite detailed and I need my memory jogged to start again!  

    I'm a licensed MFT also here in No. CA. I have a deep interest in dreams and work with mine and encourage my clients. I've been in analysis and spent many great hours taking workshops at SF Institute. I am working on getting together my advertising and promoting my specializations in the Mid-Life journey, Career change, Creative Celebrations for Life Passages,& the basics: anxiety, depression, and grief issues. My other  long-time passion is working with women in groups. I am now connecting with a group in Netherlands and one in Bahrain to see  if we can get some type of international movement started. Many are interested in Jean Bolen's goddesses books, while the leaders are interested in learning more about Jungian thought. Very interesting!


    • Hi, Good to know of  another psychotherapist who honors the value of the astrological language, most especially its relevance  to what I consider to be one of the best psychodiagnostic tools around . In my humble opinion it beats the Rorschach any day! Well that may be an unfair astrological assessment.  The horoscope is light years ahead of that test, in that t in my view it affords an in depth look of a person on many levels other than just what may be termed neurotic or psycho pathological.  Let's see. Gosh.  There are so many  excellent books and astrological thinkers to be read.  Liz Greene's book on Saturn is a must,as well as anything else she's written. Her volumes with the late Howard Sasportas are indeed terrific.  Ariel Guttman,Demetra George for a mythological lens. Of course if you have archetypal leanings and want to see astrology as having a mythological foundation then it is essential to become familiar with the mythologies of the astrological gods and goddesses of the horoscope. Stephen Arroyo, Greg Bogart, there are so many. Rick Tarnas of course. His small but mighty work on Prometheus is so powerful. If your interested in mid-life transition then you'd want to understand the Uranus transits at all junctures and how Uranus is perceived mythologically via the god Prometheus. Lawrence Hillman has an interesting take on the planets "Planets in Play," as well as one on the nodes, "Alignments."    We certainly can continue this conversation but that should give you a start. If you're working with depression looking at transits of Saturn and Pluto as well as their placement at birth is essential. Stay in touch. Regards, Judie
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