Jungian Institutes

As the Alliance adds members who are attending or have attended the various Jungian Institutes in the United States, I have become curious as to what each of these Institutes uses as its texts, the courses, and the experiential events, etc. that they offer. If you are one of these students or an instructor from one of these Institutes, I believe there would be others as interested as I.

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  • I agree, Ed.  As an MFT Intern with a degree from Pacifica who plans to train as a Jungian Analyst, I would like to learn more about the differing approaches to analytic training, including ISAP Zurich in Switzerland.
    • Dennis,

      I believe there is a valuable connection within the exterior systemics we learn in MFT work and the internal systems provided by depth psychology, but I have not read anything focused upon this. Do you know of any writing in this area? By the way, I started a Group for MFTs so you might want to add your name and this discussion to that group. Its WAY down the list of groups as I am the only member so far. :)

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