My latest podcast features... me! :-)

In this episode you’ll hear me being interviewed by dreamworker Kelly Sullivan Walden who was my guest on Shrink Rap Radio  #301 about Dreams and the Hero’s journey.  She, in turn, interviewed me for her podcast show, which is called The D-Spot.

In the interview with me, I related a long series of synchronicities that culminate in finding my biological father whom I had never known.  It's a rather miraculous story of a father quest, seemingly guided by an unseen hand.  I don't usually put myself so front and center but I think it's a story worth sharing.

David Van Nuys

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  • I just listened to the interview with you about synchronicity - great - thank you - and after that I heard a coble others.

    I really appreciate your radio, and hope to be able to support you economical in the future.

    At the time I will tell others about you and hope some of them have money to spare.

    Love and light


    • Kirsten, thanks so much for your feedback and emotional support.  That episode was a particularly personal one for me and I put it out with a bit of trepidation.  So I really appreciate hearing from you! 



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