Kirsten Merrild commented on Bonnie Bright's video
"Thank you for this link . that man is a genius of art :)"
Jun 30, 2012
Kirsten Merrild commented on Kirsten Merrild's blog post Of common interest
"More of common interest
I dreamed that Planet Earth divided in smaller planets may be 7 they drifted in different directions. I worried a moment if some of them would smash into each other, but some nature power made them go into new circulations.
Jun 30, 2012
Kirsten Merrild commented on Christie Gardner's blog post Leave gravity behind
"Hi Christi
Do you know why this happened? When I pushed the "Read more" button, this appeared:
You don't have permission to access…"
Jun 24, 2012
Kirsten Merrild commented on Fisher King Press's blog post Lifting the Veil
"I`ll hope for a translation into Danish - thanks any way :)"
Jun 23, 2012
Kirsten Merrild replied to David Van Nuys's discussion Listen to interview about my long run of synchronicity
"I just listened to the interview with you about synchronicity - great - thank you - and after that I heard a coble others.
I really appreciate your radio, and hope to be able to support you economical in the future.
At the time I will tell others…"
Jun 17, 2012
Kirsten Merrild commented on Kirsten Merrild's blog post Light beings
"I found The Jung Page :)"
Jun 16, 2012
Kirsten Merrild left a comment on Holotropic Breathwork
"guess you are right would have been nice to be there :)"
Jun 16, 2012
Kirsten Merrild commented on Kirsten Merrild's blog post Light beings
"Thank you Bonnie for responding - so nice, and where can I find "the Jung page" and be a member to read the article you mention? Thank you again - love and light Kirsten"
Jun 16, 2012
Kirsten Merrild commented on Cheryl Bench's blog post What Images do you associate with death?
"I have had a coble of death experiences and will briefly share some of the pictures.
1. I was killed but felt so free and light and was thankful to my executer who had made this happen, I saw my dead body, but felt like a body without weight and…"
Jun 16, 2012
Bonnie Bright commented on Kirsten Merrild's blog post Light beings
"Thanks for this interesting post, Kirsten. As most of us know, Jung was highly interested in UFOs. I was just researching some of his work and he discusses some of this in detail in the book "Pauli and Jung"--last chapter. There's also a fascinating…"
Jun 16, 2012
Kirsten Merrild commented on C.Victor Posing,'s blog post When The Right Time Has Come
"Great - thank you for sharing those words of wisdom.
Love and light - Kirsten"
Jun 15, 2012

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Of common interest

What is needed to make a group function?

I asked my higher self and I was given this vision:

We are a group of people sitting in a circle connected by tree circles of white light - we are by holding hands.

The first circle we kind of sit on - the second one is running through our hearts - the third one runs through our heads there where the pineal is placed.

We sit here for a while concentrating on the circles, then it seams as if a light is growing in the…

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Light beings

My experiences with UFO`s - will be glad if others have UFO experiences to share

It is Easter 1988 I think and I meditate more these days than normal.

I feel as if the air got thick and intensity surrounded me. Later the oil heater started, usually it made a terrible noise, but now suddenly it played the most wonderful music, “this must be music from space” I thought.  I sat down and opened to the music and enjoin it.

The air got more and more comprehended and I…

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