Kirsten Merrild commented on Christie Gardner's blog post Leave gravity behind
"Hi Christi
Do you know why this happened? When I pushed the "Read more" button, this appeared:
You don't have permission to access…"
Jun 24, 2012
Christie Gardner commented on Christie Gardner's blog post Leave gravity behind
"Yes John did start the craze, and there seems to be a slow, but steady resurgence for floatation in the US.  It is an exceptional holistic tool with a wide range of healing benefits.  It's a shame it did not take off back in the 60's and 70's.  I…"
Mar 19, 2012
Judith Harte,Ph.D. commented on Christie Gardner's blog post Leave gravity behind
"Oh my goodness..What images. This is reminiscent of the 60's! I once had a patient who had one of these in his living room. What stories he told....John Lily did many experiments with these tanks. You're so brave!"
Mar 19, 2012
Christie Gardner commented on Christie Gardner's photo
"One of the primary service areas will include patient referrals via clinical psychologists - they will prepare and provide a customized "program" for each patient depending on their specific therapy needs. :)"
Mar 18, 2012
Christie Gardner commented on Christie Gardner's photo
"I know, right???  This is my preferred pool design for my business... since there is a percentage of people who are weary of the POD design, due to claustrophobia.  So this open design eliminates that from the equation, and allows for everyone to…"
Oct 28, 2011
Christie Gardner left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Thank you Ed... Dark night of the soul and then some!  :)"
Oct 17, 2011

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  • Blessings.
  • Hi Christie. Welcome, and I'm glad you've found the online depth community. Thank you so much for sharing your story! The power of narrative is remarkable and just reading your experience and ideas creates such emotion for me.  

    As you know, the Alliance is a dynamic and growing group of people who understand the power of connecting around critical topics and the fact that we are a global community allows us to meet and learn from others in a multitude of ways.

    The Jung and Crop Circles just started so join and you can help create the discussion! It's a passion of mine as well. Meanwhile, I think you'll find much to engage with as you begin to browse the vast content and start interacting with others. I encourage you to jump in right away and get your feet wet by simply sharing a link or article that has meaning for you or perhaps by commenting on others' posts, asking a question, or sharing some of your own thoughts or work.

    In case you need detailed help navigating the site, please use the following link-- --and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all! I look forward to seeing you around the community~Bonnie Bright, Founder

    FAQs—Navigating and Posting on This Site
    WATCH a 1-hour orientation video on how to navigate and post on the Alliance REMEMBER: Depth Psychology Alliance is a COMMUNITY! That means you are…
  • Welcome Christie,

    You certainly went through a dark night of the soul, much as I believe the Western world is going through regardless of my more materialistic, scientific, technological friends' optimistic view. Rather reminds me of the vain optimism prior to the last world wars. Anyway, I was recently in a depressed state and turned to the I Ching and the Tarot and got back into the invisible flow. There are many blogs, forums, and groups in the Alliance that may catch your imagination. I look forward to your posts.


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Recently we are experiencing an intensive amount of solar activity on the Sun which is affecting both the Earth and Humans.

Exactly what is a solar flare and how does it affect us?

A solar flare is a magnetic storm on the Sun which appears to be a very bright spot and a gaseous surface eruption such as in the above photograph.  Solar flares release huge amounts of high-energy particles and gases that are tremendously hot. …

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Leave gravity behind

After the door closes, it’s not the darkness, but the quiet that strikes me—that and the fact that I’m totally naked, floating on a bed of Epsom salt in a contraption that looks like what would emerge if my bathtub impregnated my washing machine.

I’d rather be in a slope-side hot tub—that’s my idea of relaxation. Instead, I’m in a windowless, seven-and-a-half by four-foot, fiberglass…

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