Rebekkah has spent twenty-five years in the field of embodied well-being.  After working in therapeutic mindfulness for 15 years, she studied Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University and conducted clinical research in somatic self-regulation.  Based on her research in mind-body medicine, her comprehensive training with the Somatic Experiencing Institute, and her decades of professional experience, she authored The Mind-Body Stress Reset, with a foreword by Kathy Kain and endorsed by Peter Levine.
Rebekkah has supported thousands of people in increasing their mind-body wellness.  She works with all forms of trauma and dysregulation and is particularly skilled with anxiety, overwhelm, and developmental trauma.  In addition to her book, she has recorded several wellness CDs, appears on the radio, and YouTube, and offers workshops internationally. She has a private practice where she meets with clients online from all over the globe.  Rebekkah lives with her husband, two daughters, and their puppy-dog in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her website is

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