Once a month I create a Moon Letter where I share my thoughts on the astrological archetypes of the current Full Moon. This month I discuss the revolution in Egypt, and how as individuals we have similar revolutions going on inside ourselves. I emailed Bonnie to ask her if she thought it would be appropriate to share it with the larger Alliance group. She sent me such a wonderful and gracious reply, saying in part that: "I honestly believe the Alliance is a gathering place in order for all of us to both 1) learn new things and 2) share the work we are doing in the world. I think you have captured both very well." She encourage me to share with you, and in doing so, hope that it would encourage all of you to share what your passions are with the rest of us.

So in that light, here is the link to my FULL MOON LETTER.  I hope you enjoy it. It's about the Moon that will be full Friday. February 18th.

In peace,


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  • Here is a link to my June Moon Letter where I explore the meaning of the Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse this Wednesday June 15th. June Moon Letter   The eclipse won't be visible in the USA or Canada, but the symbolism is still significant.


    • Thanks, Lilan. I spent some time with the moon tonight as it shone its surreal light onto my blooming garden in the depths of night. It is currently listed as "100% full"-can't imagine that lasts more than a few minutes each month before the cycle resumes its onward march. I have to wonder in the history of our beautiful planet how often our ancestors stared up at that same luminous orb and paid homage to the sacred symbol of the moon. Makes me feel all the more connected. So glad you brought awareness around it, and I will definitely stop myself tomorrow night to take the eclipse into my consciousness--visible or not.
  • Hello all, here is my recent Moon Letter, which refers to this Full Moon and Spring Equinox. It connects these astrological events to the tragedy in Japan.

    In peace,
  • Lilan, what about March!!!!  :-)  I'm hooked now...
    • Ditto :)


      Lilan this is a lovely and passionate and rich contribution to the container that we create here. Thank you for your generosity!


      Julie in the twilight time where the wind dies down and the birds rest in the treetops

      • Thank you Julie. I'm in Santa Barbara now and will make a trip to Pacifica on Sunday. My cell is 423-503-5474 if you are at Pacifica on Sunday. Until later, Lilan

        • Lilan,

          See you soon. If you are still there at about late lunch time. I'll call when I get in.


  • Greetings, thank you all so much for responding in such a rich fashion. I am so connected to the astrological archetypes and love it so much when people respond so positively to them. I send out a Full Moon Letter every month, and will be pleased to post it here too. I so appreciate the interest and energy of everyone involved. I did register for James Hillman in Santa Barbara, and would love to connect with anyone who will be there at the same time. It will be my first visit to Pacifica, and I can't wait!

    In peace, Lilan

    • Lilan,

      I am coming in about late lunch time on the 13th. If you are still there, I'd love to cross paths with you.

      Probably be on campus about 1:30pm "ish".



    • Lilan: I'm thrilled. I will also be at the HIllman seminar so we will get to meet. I know of a few others who are coming as well, so we will have a fun face-to-face encounter! Meanwhile, I do look forward to your monthly postings here in this space! Wonderful.
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